• Pathway Anywhere


    Take your campaign anywhere with the largest network of Bluetooth hot spots.

  • Pathway Nokia

    nokia jams with qwikker

    Nokia sent the band Salmonella Dub’s new track with the Qwikker network.

  • Pathway Bluetooth

    bluetooth and marketing

    Send custom applications, music, video, games, ringtones, discounts and more.

  • Pathway Pepsi

    a smash for pepsi

    Interactive campaign delivers Yahoo! music clips from Pepsi to consumers.

  • Pathway Partners

    partners & possibility

    Leading Out of Home companies choose Qwikker to extend their reach.

  • Pathway Sony

    qwikker gets superbad

    Sony Pictures utilizes Qwikker network to deliver “Superbad” trailer & more.

  • Pathway Gettingstarted

    how to get started?

    Our easy to use campaign guidelines get your campaign up and running.

  • Pathway Bravo

    bravo qwikker!

    The Qwikker network helps Bravo promote “Make me a Supermodel”.

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